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A responsible forest industry group.

We are Metsä Group, a Finnish forest industry group that operates in international markets. We use the best renewable raw material in the world – northern wood – responsibly and efficiently. All of the wood raw material we use is fully traceable. Products made from renewable raw materials are in high demand, as competition for natural resources is tight.

Our business operations cover the entire value chain for wood. We focus on tissue and cooking papers, paperboard, pulp, wood products, and wood supply and forest services. Our strong wood and fibre expertise is concentrated in fields where we have a clear competitive advantage and a bright future.

In addition to an excellent raw material, forests provide lots of renewable energy. We are one of the leading producers and users of renewable energy in Finland. Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy are key ways to fight climate change, and they also improve our cost-efficiency and competitiveness.

Sustainability themes

Everything we do involves sustainability – from the products all the way to the forest. All of our products are safe and recyclable. Our main raw material is renewable wood from sustainably managed northern forests. We always use the best available technology in our production, ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and create well-being, locally and internationally.

Our sustainability work is divided into four themes that cover all of our operations:

  • We bring the forest to you – Raw materials and supply chain
  • We offer sustainable choices –  Products and services
  • We work for a better climate and the environment – Resource efficiency and environmental impacts
  • We create well-being – Stakeholders and social impacts

Our chain of custody management systems enable us to monitor the origin and logistics chain of the wood we purchase throughout the entire value chain. 88% of the wood we use is PEFC or FSC certified.

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