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Our vision is to be the premier partner and unrivalled provider of winning solutions for our customers.

Collaborate with WestRock locally - 50+ years in supplying premium paperboard to our customers throughout Europe. Thanks to our sales development professionals located in-market, dedicated European customer service representatives, technical support and our unique Service Center Venlo, the ability to serve the market with our premium paperboard brands is stronger than ever.

Our Service goes beyond standard needs with our Service Center in Venlo, Netherlands. With more than 25 years experience, our team ensures a premium sheeting and delivery service, providing satisfaction throughout the entire supply chain in a fast and reliable manner.

Find out more: www.westrock.com/consumer-paperboard-emea

Forestry Management Assistance - Taking Care of our Partners

WestRock is committed to sustainable forestry practices and the responsible procurement of wood fibre which promote healthy and productive forests for future generations. WestRock is dedicated to maintaining its sustainable forest management certifications, including PEFC. The company increases overall sourcing of fibre from certified and responsible sources by encouraging forest landowners to certify lands to recognised certification programmes.

In addition to this, WestRock has earned a reputation for taking a proactive approach in supporting the long-term planning and management of sustainable forests. WestRock foresters assist landowners with a variety of activities aimed at enhancing the health and vigour of their forestlands. Their landowner assistance work involves providing advice on the implementation of responsibly managed, planned harvests and reforestation activities

WestRock provides a vital market for fibre and forestry expertise to landowners, which encourages them to maintain their lands as healthy and productive forests rather than converting them for development or other uses. 

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